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It’s been a long day at work and you can’t wait to get out of the chaos that is modern life. The love and warmth with which your pets welcome you home is just the stress-buster you need and deserve. For the joy they give you, don’t you just feel like wanting to repay them in kind? How do you show your gratitude to your lil’ ones? By calling PetGully, that’s how.

We, at PetGully, believe that pets deserve utmost affection and care. But it’s a huge responsibility – owning a pet – and there’s so much to think and so much to do!! Here’s where you let PetGully step in. We formed a cliche of like-minded people and started hitting the roads from September 16 2017 to provide end to end services that make life easier for you, our customers and your pets. Show love to your furry children by pampering and grooming them on our Pet Mobile – our Mobile Pet Grooming Service.

Help your pets understand your language with our Training services. PetGully’s Office Buddy program, aimed to be a stress-buster, allows you to spend time with lil pets right in your workplace. We have other plans in the pipeline – Pets Day Out, Health check up, Matrimony services and so much more. Let us help you with the smallest of things to ease your life and comfort your pet in all ways possible. One stop for Pet Care. Contact us!


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To all those Dog owners out there.. #Petgully is a great ‘grooming at your doorstep service’ for your canine friend! My dear pup had a fab session this afternoon and it really cheered him up as well as me when I saw the truck.. super cute!

It's a wonderful salon-on-wheels for ur pet. Run by professional experts. Punctual and prompt with service satisfaction A+. It would be wonderful to see you expand, not only in Hyderabad but also in the other cities as well.

Zuzu's first professional grooming session was a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for the super prompt and professional service. Congratulations on completing 1 year. Wish you all the success in the world!.

This place is hopping!! Just love the service. They are thorough and professional and I recommend them highly.